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Industrial plant at Vire (Calvados, France)

Site de Vire

The site at Vire was set up in late 1977.

Un atelier de production de Vire

It comprises two main buildings (4,300 and 1,400 square metres) and currently employs 140 people. The 1,400 m² building is devoted to plastic injection for moulding the casings of our products. In the larger building, the plant produces the mechanical parts for our measuring instruments, bar-turned, machined, ground and cut parts and the screening or casings made of thin sheet metal. The plant also manufactures transformers and shunts and assembles Chauvin Arnoux® -brand "sensor" clamps without displays and containing very little electronics. The "finishing" workshop puts the final touches to the casings and analogue dials by means of pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving and painting. In addition, the site manufactures and sells shunts under the SMBO® brand and also acts as a subcontractor for local industrial companies. 

Site de production de Vire

Etape de fabrication à Vire

Each site benefits from ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and is equipped with suitable equipment which is the focus of regular investment, but the Group is above all proud of its in-house expertise.