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Rail market

A global Chauvin Arnoux Group offering from Chauvin Arnoux®, CAEnergy®, Pyrocontrole® and Manumesure for all measurement applications in the Rail sector



Ever since its foundation in 1893, CHAUVIN ARNOUX has constantly innovated in the field of electrical measuring instruments and electrical equipment, offering its customers all the flexibility and expertise which it has built up in electrical engineering and, more specifically, in the particularly demanding Rail sector.

Resolutely forward-looking, the CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group's products have proved their ability to adapt to the severe technical and environmental constraints imposed by the international standards regarding electrical safety to protect both people and property.

Today, more than ever, most of our products are manufactured in our French factories and on our international sites, with the same attention to compliance with the product quality and environmental standards. Chauvin Arnoux Energy equipment is used in the traction chain, the power electronics and the command-control systems: relays, temperature probes, panel meters, etc.

In the tertiary installations, supply stations, substations, workshops and maintenance centres, Chauvin Arnoux's products and equipment are used to measure the electrical parameters of the installations. Alongside this, Manumesure, the Group's metrology subsidiary, proposes a a wide range of services for calibration and monitoring of instrument fleets through its network of agencies all over France.

This know-how has been exported worldwide, as the Group's products are found in the metros in Cairo, Mexico City and Caracas, to give just a few examples.


Measurement and power control systems
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Chauvin Arnoux Energy: portable measuring instruments

Earth and resistivity measurement

1. Programmable earth clamp: earth loop testing and leakage current measurement.

2. Earth and resistivity tester: comprehensive earthing survey.

Insulation measurement

3. Digital megohmmeters: testing of electrical installations and equipment.

4. Insulation tester up to 15 kV.

Current measurement

5. TRMS digital ammeter with flexible sensor.

Power and energy quality

6. Industrial electrical network analyser: Qualistar® for electrical maintenance of the supply stations and buildings.


7. 10 A micro-ohmmeter: detection of deterioration between 2 contacts.

Electrical measurement

8. TRMS digital multimeter: portable instrument for maintenance applications.

Chauvin Arnoux Energy: automation relays and energy management

Automation relays

1. Monostable safety relays and timers: control of the electrical command systems on board railway rolling stock.

2. Double-break monostable relays: command-control of the electrical systems.

3. Control and supervision relays: electrical control of supply stations in substations.

Energy management

4. Meters and power monitors: monitoring and remote retrieval of electrical energy consumption data.

5.®: processing and analysis of multi-site energy consumption data.

Pyrocontrole: temperature measurement

1. Temperature sensors and recorders, control systems for severe environments.

2. Resistance probes for axle boxes: temperature monitoring of the axle-reducer bearings.

3. 4-20mA transmitter: conversion of a 2-3-4-wire platinum probe signal into a 4-20 mA analogue signal.

4. Screw-on resistance probe: temperature monitoring of gear motors.

5. Screw-on resistance temperature sensor for CVS/power electronics: temperature monitoring of the transducers for railway rolling-stock power electronics.

6. Air temperature sensor: ambient temperature monitoring in the carriages and train batteries.

7. Surface temperature sensor : temperature monitoring of batteries and air-conditioning installations.

8. Duct sensor: surface temperature monitoring on air-conditioning ducts.

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