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Chauvin Arnoux's ethics

Chauvin Arnoux's relationships are based on fulfilling its contract which means mutual trust and respect with regard to its customers, its suppliers and its staff.

Chauvin Arnoux: ethics based on mutual respect and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of the Chauvin Arnoux Group's staff.

This priority is based on:

  • The quality of its products and compliance with the standards, particularly the regulations applicable to safety and the environment.
  • Listening carefully in order to respond appropriately to the requirements indicated.
  • A working context compliant with of the ISO 9001 standard, the ISO 14001 standard, the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and, where applicable, certifications or accreditations of all or part of the organization, product certifications and customer approvals.
  • Prohibiting Chauvin Arnoux staff from granting any undue advantages to its customers' staff with the aim of influencing their business decisions.

Relations with suppliers are governed by a framework based on contractual loyalty

This means:

  • Companies are on an equal footing when there are calls for tenders or requests for proposals.
  • Reciprocal respect of the clauses in the contract and, more particularly, those concerning confidentiality, industrial property and payment.
  • Ensuring that the value of the products, goods and services supplied complies with the level expected and invoiced.
  • Obliging each actor in the purchasing process to refuse any advantages or gifts of significant value.

Chauvin Arnoux staff

The quality of the products and services, like the level of productivity, the lead times and the environmental impact, is the result of work by efficient professionals. The action taken to achieve good quality, reduce the environmental impacts and preserve resources helps to ensure our continued presence on our markets over the long term.

The keystone of staff relations is respect for the individual.
Chauvin Arnoux ensures that all its staff are treated equally and prohibits any discrimination for any reason whatsoever.

Chauvin Arnoux complies with the applicable legislation concerning child labour and employee rights, while doing its utmost to prevent industrial and health hazards and ensuring that its staff are properly trained.