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Energy market

From production through to use, energy has to be monitored by fixed measuring systems. At the same time, everyone working on this chain, from production through transmission to distribution, must be equipped with measuring tools.

Thanks to the products in their catalogues, Chauvin Arnoux and Chauvin Arnoux Energy offer solutions for most of the requirements and concerns of the people working in the field.

Testing the insulation, checking earthing networks, including in complex situations such as networks of electricity pylons, measuring power values, recording energy values, detecting hot spots by means of infrared thermography, detecting voltages (or checking that they are absent), analysing the waveforms of electrical or electronic sognals, etc.

Chauvin Arnoux is familiar with and has mastered all these applications, offering ideal solutions using its products designed and manufactured in France to ensure efficiency, safety and quality.

Similarly, the measurement, accounting and control of energy consumption is a crucial parameter integrated in the design of the performance solutions developed and marketed by Chauvin Arnoux Energy.

Sustainable energy management is a major challenge for the societies of the future.  This requires the development of nuclear energy, the principal source of electricity production in France (78%), hydroelectric power (10%) and new energy sources. Pyrocontrole is a leading player on the nuclear market, proposing an offering of qualified temperature sensors specially developped for this market.

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Chauvin Arnoux offering

1. Multimeters – Clamps - VATs
2. Earth & insulation testers
3. Installation testers
4. Electrical power quality analysers
5. Energy loggers
6. Thermal cameras
7. Oscilloscopes

Chauvin Arnoux Energy offering

1. Monostable relays
2. Monostable safety relays
3. Time-delay relays
4. Control and supervision relays
5. Meters and power monitors
6. E.Online® solution

Nuclear energy

Nuclear power (58 pressurized water reactors) produces 63,900 MW of electricity in France. Alongside the energy suppliersn operators, manufacturers, engineering departments, research institutes and nuclear safety authorities, Pyrocontrole, Chauvin Arnoux Energy and Chauvin Arnoux Test & Mesure have developed unique expertise based on thorough mastery of the qualification, production and control processes.

Our offering of temperature sensors and probes:

At each strategic point in a nuclear installation - from the reactor building to the auxiliary buildings and the control room, the sensors designed by Pyrocontrole are qualified to withstand the most extreme conditions in terms of irradiation, seismic disturbances, temperature and pressure.

For the 900 MW , 1,300 MW and N4 PWR Series and the third-generation EPR plants: temperature probes qualified as K1, K2, K3 and NC.

Accurate instantaneous temperature measurements in the primary circuit: fast-response sensors (DT034/DT038).

Non-intrusive measurement of duct temperatures: surface sensors for equipping the crucial safety systems such as the safety valves (DT115).

Pool-bottom temperature measurement: sensors for the IRWST and BK pools of EPR Series protected by thermowells (DT114).

Accurate temperature measurement from the pressurizer to the control room: multi-purpose sensors with standard response times (DT108/DT088).

Monitoring of heating in the bearings of the primary and secondary pumps, as well as the safety and lift pumps: motor bearing or pump body sensors (DT110/DT112).

Our automation solutions offering

Similarly, the Chauvin Arnoux Group company, Chauvin Arnoux Energy has been one of the leaders in the implementation of energy management and control systems since the 1980s. It covers business sectors as diverse as electrical parameter measurement, network supervision from energy production through to its distribution, safety of property and people, equipment maintenance and electricity supply quality.

- Measurement: power monitors, meters, measurement CTs, transducers, panel meters

- Analysis: power monitors, network analysers, energy management software

- Solutions: power factor correction,

Chauvin Arnoux Energy offers more than 200 references form automation systems which can withstand the severe environmental constraints: temperature, fire, corrosive gases, shocks, vibrations, etc. These systems are designed to comply with the European standards and certifications: category K3 (seismic stresses), EDF qualification for use in nuclear power plants. The relays are recommended for the ERP (European Pressurized Reactor) series.

Clean or renewable energy sources

Renewable energy accounts for 886 MW in France (excluding hydroelectric power).  In the context of sustainable development, the share of renewable energy sources has grown considerably in the last few years. These sources include solar energy, rolled out both in homes and on production sites with greater capacity (solar farms). These installations use photovoltaic panels to transform solar energy into electricity.
To check the efficiency of these installations and test the solar panels, Chauvin Arnoux Test and Measurement offers solar-panel testers totally dedicated to this application:

   The Green Test FTV 100 solar power installation analyser provides a survey of the electrical power values and calculates the efficiency of the solar panels and the DC/AC inverter.

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-    The FTV 200 is an instrument which tests solar panels.

Chauvin Arnoux Energy and wind power

A sector long reserved for national weather services, transport and Defence, wind measurements are now sought by many professionals in the agriculture, tourism and leisure industries. Wind measurement systems designed at the request of the French Navy are fitted on all French warships.  TAVID  anemometer-vane units are installed in the national weather service's observation stations. They are also used by EDF the French nuclear authority (CEA) in the anti-pollution systems of nuclear sites. SNCF uses them on TGV high-speed rail lines to protect the large parabolic antennae in the event of storms.