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Chauvin Arnoux Group press releases

30 Apr 2019

CA 1860 & CA 1862

Infrared thermometers

The CA 1860 & CA 1862 no‐contact thermometers from Chauvin Arnoux are simple and accurate. Ergonomic, lightweight, easy‐to‐handle, rugged and watertight (IP 65), they offer a large number of measuring functions, including parameterizable alarm thresholds.

07 Mar 2019

MX 535

Electrical installation tester

Chauvin Arnoux is launching the new MX 535 tester under the Metrix brand, which benefits from its experience with the MX 435 Series which proved their value in the field. It is intended for self‐employed electricians, contractors, certification organizations, electrical maintenance, technicians and the education sector. The MX 535 meets the requirements of the NF C 15‐100, FDC 16‐600, IEC 60364‐6 and IEC 61557 standards.

07 Mar 2019

C.A 6131 & C.A 6133

Contrôleurs d’installations électriques

A single instrument for testing your installation's compliance simply and effectively. Designed for checking safety on electrical installations, the C.A 6131 and C.A 6133 testers can be used to test new installations before powering up, check existing installations, whether in operation or not, and troubleshoot malfunctions. For certification organizations, these portable instruments are simple, effective and, above all, compliant with the applicable standards.

05 Feb 2019

C.A 10001

Waterproof pH / temperature tester

Simple, effective pH measurement to save time: 1 click to calibrate, 1 click to measure ! If you use a C.A 10001 with a buffer solution for calibration, you can obtain the pH value with just 2 clicks!

10 Sep 2018

C.A 6165

Multi‐function equipment tester

Electrical appliance and equipment testing is increasingly regulated. Each type is covered by a specific standard, so it must be tested according to specific test parameters. In the testing and electrical safety range, the C.A 6165, the new high‐performance, versatile multifunction instrument from Chauvin Arnoux, can be used to check and certify the electrical safety of all types of appliances and equipment according to the IEC 60204, IEC 61439, IEC 60335, IEC 60950, IEC 50191 and VDE 0701/0702 standards, etc.

28 Jun 2018

Power analyser C.A 8436

For reliable measurements in the field

C.A 8436 Qualistar+, the new all-terrain power and power quality analyser from Chauvin Arnoux, offers a rugged, watertight design with an IP67 protection rating. It is ideal for industrial uses in factories, production workshops, etc., and can also be used on outdoor wiring closets. For preventive or corrective maintenance, the C.A 8436 can be used for work on all types of Low-Voltage installations.

28 Jun 2018

Pyrocontrole wins the 2018 Innovation Prize at the SVTM trade fair


Pyrocontrole won this prize awarded by professionals with its solution coupling its Statop 704 4‐loop controller with the CPS Touch HMI. A fine reward for a brand new controller which is the latest addition to the range of Statop 500 and 600 models launched at the end of 2017.