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Chauvin Arnoux, a long-term partner of the Education sector

Taking advantage of its close, privileged relationship with the French National Education system, the Chauvin Arnoux Group accompanies the actors in the education system by taking part in a large number of events, by publishing the "Cahiers de l'Instrumentation", a review specially designed for teachers, and by offering measuring instruments which are ideal for teaching.

 Every year, the Chauvin Arnoux Group partners and sponsors a large number of events linked to the education sector and designed to promote technical and scientific training by loaning measuring instruments, participating in judging panels and providing prizes.

The "Club du Mesurage" (Measurement Club): a pool of skills

A strong, long-term commitment!

In 2000, Chauvin Arnoux set up the "Club du Mesurage", a veritable think tank on "School/Company" issues in order to create a constant flow of information concerning the evolution of the standards, the new market requirements, applications, particularly new ones, etc.

Open to all member of the Education sector, this Club fosters genuine debate, while also creating a pool of skills between two communities which share two objectives:

-Mastery of measuring techniques in order to understand and explain them better,

-Advance information on any changes so that, when students start work, they can be operational more quickly.

 One of the Group's major goals is to keep up to date with the changes to the curricula and educational reforms, such as the creation in France of the STI2D Baccalaureate (Science and Technologies of Industry and Sustainable Development) in 2011, so that it can design the measuring instruments required for the professions of tomorrow.

In  2000, the foundation of the "Club du Mesurage" brought together School Inspectors from Paris and the French regions and Chauvin Arnoux staff members, under the aegis of the General Inspector for Science and Industrial Techniques in the French National Education System. The club meets annually and an editorial board decides on the content of Chauvin Arnoux's magazine for the educational sector, Les Cahiers de l’Instrumentation

A collection of practical exercises: Les Cahiers de l'Instrumentation

Les Cahiers de l'instrumentation is a magazine containing practical exercises for teachers and their students which present solutions or case studies involving the use of measurement, res or energy management instruments in concrete situations.

The first issue was published in 2000 , with a new issue planned every year. Dedicated to secondary and higher scientific and technical education and designed by teachers and school inspectors, Les Cahiers de l’Instrumentation enables teachers and their students to become familiar with the scientific processes and instruments on the market. The funding and graphic design for the  magazine are provided by the Chauvin Arnoux Group which also sends it free of charge to any teachers wishing to receive it. This publication is only available in French.  

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