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Energy performance

At a time when worldwide energy demand is expected to rise as industrialization spreads and resources become scarcer, we all need to learn how to control our consumption. Energy efficiency is a crucial factor in this context. As a partner throughout the whole energy supply chain, the Chauvin Arnoux Group offers comprehensive measurement expertise.

The 4 phases in the approach

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Measurement is crucial for the definition, success and long-term effectiveness of an energy optimization programme.


In compliance with the energy management system set up to control energy consumption (ISO 50001 standard), the strategy of the companies in the Chauvin Arnoux Group is based on a "Plan-Do-Check-Act" approach. 

The first step for identifying ways of reducing consumption in the main areas involves precise diagnosis of consumption (analysis of the profile and breakdown by type of consumption). This may lead to recommendations concerning modifications in industrial processes, modernization of equipment and machines, work to improve buildings or simple changes to consumption habits.

Point measurements can be used to determine the types of energy and utilities to be managed and the financial target to be achieved. Chauvin Arnoux's environmental measuring instruments, wattmeters, infrared cameras and multimeters are ideal for these requirements.

-    It is possible to identify where energy is lost by measuring the temperature, air flow rate, pressure and light intensity.

-    Infrared cameras are essential tools for performing an energy survey of a building or electrical cabinet. They detect faults such as thermal bridges, incorrectly-positioned or missing insulation, leaks, materials damaged by humidity and defective seals on windows or doors. These are all factors which cause excess consumption.



To analyse the behaviour of an installation more precisely, diagnosis requires long-term measurement campaigns leading to a full-scale audit before setting up a Measurement and Verification Plan (MVP).

This involves assessing potential energy savings and determining the requirements as precisely as possible by:

-Improvement of the power factor

-A power survey with measurement of the energy consumed

-Detection of heat losses

With Chauvin Arnoux's infrared cameras, power and energy multimeter clamps or power analysers positioned on the various feeders downstream of the meter, it is possible, without shutting down the installation, to assess the relative share of each line in overall consumption, define a load profile for the installation and thus determine the priority orientations for improvement.

3- Implementation

Measuring, viewing and analysing the parameters of an installation:

-    The range of Ulys meters from Chauvin Arnoux Energy can be used to measure the consumption of a site, a workshop or an application precisely so that the costs can be allocated fairly. This new generation of meters enables multi-energy measurement and communicates with a wide range of protocols (Ethernet, RS485, M-Bus, KNX, etc.)
-    The Enerium power monitors, packed full of high technology for monitoring installations and power quality, can be used to view the values directly, whether they concern electrical or multi-energy parameters.

- Pyrocontrole's Pyrotracer® paperless recorder can also be used for this type of instant display.


Managing energy consumption in real time:

-    Chauvin Arnoux's PEL100 Power and Energy Loggers record electricity consumption and offer power metering.
o    They provide real-time consumption mapping with the PEL Transfer software,
o    They analyse network quality
o    They detect disturbances on the network (indication of harmonics up to the 50th order)
o    They can be viewed remotely via Bluetooth.

How to measure savings:

-    Elog® from Chauvin Arnoux ENergy offers concentrated intelligence for managing multi-energy, climatic and process data. The data can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smartphone. This logger is capable of gathering all types of data (water, gas, temperature, etc.) whatever their origin (pulses, radiofrequency, Ethernet, etc.) and whatever the equipment connected.

-    Supervision of industrial processes is simplified by the 5 models in the CPS Touch® (Control Panel System) range from Pyrocontrole, the Group's temperature measurement subsidiary. This range offers screen sizes from 4.3 to 15 inches and centralizes all the data from an application on a single display. The interface can be customized to suit your needs and can be controlled remotely via Ethernet.

Pyrocontrole, the Group's temperature measurement company, has also designed the Thyritop® range of power controllers with an extensive voltage range from 24 V to 600 V for current ranges from 16 A to 1,500 A, in single and three-phase versions. Control of temperature levels, a crucial parameter in many industrial processes (glassmaking, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, etc.), guarantees industrial production quality and the reliability of the installations, thus ensuring that costs are also kept under control.

The installation of a permanent measurement system is part of any measurement and Verification Plan (MVP) and is facilitated by the Chauvin Arnoux Group's comprehensive offering. When used with the instruments from our brands, the E.Online® software solution covers the whole energy chain, whatever the sector of activity (construction , infrastructure or residential), to guarantee performance and comfort.

New energy sources

Our fossil energy sources are being exhausted and, in the context of sustainable development, the proportion of clean energy used has been growing strongly in recent years. This includes solar energy. The photovoltaic sector (transforming solar energy into electrical energy), both in housing and in high-capacity production sites (solar farms) is a major focus for us.
Thus, to check the efficiency of such installations and test the solar panels, Chauvin Arnoux offers a range of solar-panel testers dedicated to these applications.

The products and solutions offered by the Chauvin Arnoux Group's offering provides an ideal response to the new national and international requirements for controlling costs, energy consumption and the quality of energy supplies.