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The Chauvin Arnoux Group is focusing all its know-how on helping to prevent the Covid pandemic

Measuring instruments, metrology and low-temperature sensors... the Chauvin Arnoux Group is proposing a complementary offer to handle the health prevention challenges now and in the future: measuring and analysing the ambient air quality, identifying potential carriers of a virus with infrared technology, using low-temperature sensors to check the temperatures of the freezers used to store the vaccines.

Analysing ambient air

Indoor air quality measurement is essential to fight the propagation of viruses, and the COVID 19 virus in particular, in buildings (schools, childcare, offices, seminar rooms, workshops, public transport, hospitals, etc.). At the core of this strategy, "measurement" and the associated analytical tools reveal their vital importance.

The CA 1510 portable air analyser from CHAUVIN ARNOUX, which is particularly effective in closed spaces, instantaneously records the levels of particles in the air according to the standard thresholds. An audio alarm and a "red screen" alert users if the air quality criteria, based on the level of CO2, the temperature or the humidity, or on a combination of all three physical quantities measured (CO2, temperature and relative humidity). Natural or artificial ventilation of confined spaces also plays a role in virus propagation. In this context, the CA 1227 thermo-anemometer offers all the functions you need to measure air speeds and flow rates, which are essential data for optimizing the ventilation of rooms.


Identifying potential carriers of a virus

For preventive purposes, measurements of the potential indicators of illness, such as a high temperature, are also provided by our thermometers and our body-temperature thermal camera. The easy-to-use CA 1900 portable thermal camera, offering immediate results in total safety by maintaining no-contact distancing, is one of the new health tools for identifying any person with an excessively high temperature, thus reinforcing the preventive measures against transmission of the disease.

Storing the vaccines

In the context of Covid-19 vaccine storage, our company MANUMESURE helps professionals to map their -80°C freezers to COFRAC standards by intervening quickly and directly on site. PYROCONTROLE offers a range of low-temperature sensors (-80°) which are ideal for the players in the "Covid Vaccine" efforts: logistics (storage and transport), hospitals, pharmacists, doctors, freezer manufacturers, etc.


In this way, the Chauvin Arnoux Group is mobilizing all its know-how, measuring instruments and metrological services to support prevention of the pandemic so that it can contribute fully to the efforts to handle health situations such as the one we are currently experiencing.