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The Chauvin Arnoux Group is celebrating its 125th anniversary

An anniversary based around the themes of innovation, digital applications and international business.

125 years of innovation, from the first Universal Tester, ancestor of the multimeter, in 1927, to the very latest Scopix IV oscilloscopes launched at the end of last year.
125 years of design in our 6 R&D centres.
Today Chauvin Arnoux is present worldwide (10 subsidiaries and a distribution network) and continues to develop its businesses around a common leitmotiv, MEASUREMENT:
     =>  Portable and handheld electrical measurement: Chauvin Arnoux/Metrix,
     =>  Metering and energy performance measurement: CA Energy,
     =>  Measurement for regulatory testing and metrology: Manumesure,
     =>  Temperature measurement in industrial environments: Pyrocontrole,
     =>  Spectroscopic measurements for quality control in the laboratory and on in-line processes: Indatech.
A wide range of  skills and measuring instruments whose quality, safety and durability have helped to build the reputation of the Chauvin Arnoux Group and its brands.
We are proud to share this year of celebration with you.