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Reduce your carbon footprint!

How can industries reduce their carbon footprint? What is decarbonization?

How can industries reduce their carbon footprint? What is decarbonization? 

The term decarbonization groups all the measurements enabling a company, state, entity or business sector to reduce its carbon footprint.
In other words, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4)) on our planet.

Concerned at their impact on the environment, a growing number of companies are seeking to show their commitment and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Chauvin Arnoux and its various brand entities can support them. There are several product ranges commercialized and produced in France which will help you decarbonize your industry.
The brand new range of Ulys and Memo meters from Chauvin Arnoux Energy, the Thyritop 700 Series of power controllers from Pyrocontrole, the Qualistar CA 8345 power quality analysers from Chauvin Arnoux are experts in this field.

Furthermore, thanks to the France Relance 2030 recovery plan, you can benefit from backing and investment to help you implement your eco-environmental approach.