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Chauvin Arnoux has purchased a majority holding in INDATECH

"Chauvin Arnoux has purchased a majority holding in INDATECH. In this way, the Group is positioning itself as a new major player in spectroscopic measurement for Industry 4.0. Indatech is a French company founded in 2009 which develops innovative measuring instruments for complex products in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical sectors. Its optical measurement solutions are based on near-infrared spatially resolved spectroscopy (SRS) and Raman spectroscopy. The goal is to perform several data acquisition and extraction operations in order to characterize complex products such as powders, granules, emulsions, turbid liquids, etc., precisely, non-destructively and in-line. With this recent acquisition, the Chauvin Arnoux Group is continuing its policy of diversification and is seeking to boost sales of this innovative technology in France and worldwide." .